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AWKR - Child's Play.

Pretty much as anticipated, the breeze ran SW all day at around 5 to 10knots, with some shifts through that quadrant and a wee break in strength, to almost nothing, at around midday. Melbourne CBD pumped out a top of 12.7 degrees Celsius at around 1330hrs, so I know I got the cold thing right, as out on the Bay, it was bound to be sub-10!


Looking every bit the Race Officer is Amanda Wakeham, which is a good thing really, because that is exactly what she is for the AWKR! QED.


Brian McDermott was the man in charge of the shotty (always someone to pay attention to, I reckon). He is a good friend of the ORCV and assists where he can. You can see a bit about him, HERE and HERE.

Also want to mention that Robyn Coombs' and the all-girls Hyperactive crew are off to the J24 Worlds, which will be hosted by Malmö Segel Sällskap (MSS) in Sweden on August 13 - 20, 2010. Details of that event are HERE. Good luck.

Wicked - now for a splash of results... and I understand these are correct and valid, as of Sunday 13/06/10 @ 1820hrs. (Don't shoot the messenger otherwise).

Series to date in IRC has Top Gun pretty unassailable from here, then Espresso and Salamander III, who will fight amongst themselves for the minor pozzies on the stand. AMS is Top Gun, Hyperactive and then Salamander III. With some good results, Espresso, Silk and Nouannie could interfere with that play, however. PHS is somewhat interesting, as it is fairly tight all the way through. Nouannie lead by enough for now, but you have Astroboy, Salamander III and Ingenue all there too. Mood Indigo, Espresso, the Chikara Chicks and Mrs Overnewton could all do enough to scramble onto the board, with a bit of help from Huey.

Individual results in Races Four and Five don't offer too much to counter, except that the likes of Tigris, Silk, Spirit of Freya and Masumi appear on the scoreboard to some degree. I guess that means you can still do something about the overall result, especially in PHS. Keep looking for the shifts, I'd say...


So then, finally I answer the rhetorical question proposed by the headline. No names, but this is an actual GPS track off a bot that was competing today, Sunday. The supplier mentioned that it "looks like it has been drawn by a two year old!" QED - Ed. Yes it does Oh Mystery Supplier. So before you all email in, we're talking about the drawing, not the racing, OK. I'm up here doing it for free, so think about that - please.

The last day's bound to be fun, you might even say child's play (argh, argh, argh), as the wind gets even flukier and lighter. Guaranteed fun at the post racing bash, however. Wish I was there!!! If you need to catch up on the AWKR thread, it is here with What will you get? and Reasons to be cheerful.

Have a blast...


By John Curnow