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10.1 The time limit shall be 5 hours after the start of the last class of the race or 1700 hours, whichever

is earlier. When one boat in any division finishes within the time limit, then times for other boats shall

continue to be recorded until 1700 hours after which time boats not finished shall be scored

“Did Not Finish” (DNF). This changes RRS 35.

On a day where more than one race is scheduled, the time limit for each laid course shall be 2 ½

hours after the start after which time boats not finished shall be scored “Did Not Finish”.

The final race of each day will conclude at 1700 hours and any boats not finished at that time

will be scored as Did Not Finish”. This changes RRS 35

Tuesday, 22 August 2023 15:22

Sunshine, Sails, and Skill Building: Novice Return Series from Geelong On Sunday, a fleet of 16 boats assembled in front of the Royal Geelong Yacht Club, ready to sail in the Novice Return Series. This special race isn't solely about the finish line—it's a celebration of inclusivity and growth in sailing. The Novice Return Series encourages skippers to shuffle crew roles and introduce newcomers...

Monday, 21 August 2023 20:53

Practice and Teamwork Propel Patriot's Win A captivating weekend of sailing unfolded as the Discount Yachting Winter Series: Destination Race to Geelong took centre stage. A fleet of 44 boats converged at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club start line where entrants displayed their competitive natures. The race commenced with a 17-knot westerly wind yet quickly challenged competitors with gusts of...

Saturday, 22 July 2023 19:28

Wicked Persistence and Strategy for the Win  It was an absolutely glorious winter day for the Discount Yachting Winter Series Race 3 from Brighton to Sandringham. The race commenced with 34 boats, clear blue skies and winds of 8–10 knots. There was a spectacular display of spinnakers as the fleet came down the course. Just as Carrera S rounded the last marker, the wind diminished,...

Tuesday, 27 June 2023 18:00

Discount Yachting Winter Series Race 1: An impressive victory for Ari Abrahams’s Fargo   Race 1 of the Discount Yachting Winter Series proved to be a test of skill, determination, and resilience for skippers and crew of the twenty-seven yachts who took part in challenging winter conditions on Port Phillip. The 28 nautical mile race started with strong northerly winds between 22-25...