Summer Racing Calendar 20 and 21

   2020/21 Championship Series
  Returned to Sailing Combined Club Race Postponed    
  Winter Series - Geelong 29-Aug-20    
  Novice Race Geelong to Melbourne 30-Aug-20    
  Coastal Sprint Series Race 1 (Cat 3) 12-Sep-20     *     *
  Melbourne to Stanley 31-Oct-20     *  
  Coastal Sprint Series Race 2 (Cat 3)  21-Nov-20     *     *
  Cock of the Bay 26-Dec-20    
  Melbourne to Hobart "West Coaster" 27-Dec-20     *  
  Melbourne to Devonport 27-Dec-20     *  
  Melbourne to King Island 06-Mar-21     *  
  Coastal Sprint Series Race 3 (Cat 3) 24-Apr-21     *    *
  Double Handed (Bay)  08-May-21    
  Melbourne - Apollo Bay (Cat 3) 22-May-21     *    *
  Winter Series Race 1 19-Jun-21    
  Winter Series Race 2 - Blairgowrie 03-Jul-21    
  Women Skipper and Navigator Race 04-Jul-21    
  Winter Series Race 3 31-Jul-21    
  Winter Series Race 4 - Geelong 28-Aug-21    
  Novice Skippers Race 29-Aug-21    
  Coastal Sprint Series Race 1 - (Cat 3) 11-Sept-21          
  Melbourne - Stanley 30-Oct-21    
  Coastal Sprint Series Race 2 - (Cat 3) 27-Nov-21       
  Cock of the Bay 26-Dec-21    
  Melbourne to Hobart "West Coaster" 27-Dec-21       
  Melbourne to Devonport "Rudder Cup" 27_Dec_21        

^ Note:  if Victorian Regulations do not support a scheduled event, the ORCV will, if at all possible, conduct an alternative race or cruise on the scheduled date

* Details of the Offshore Championship and the Coastal Championship, including the Double Handed Championships, are given in the respective Notices of Race. For the Offshore Championship, results from the best 4 races count but at least two must be from Category 2 events. The Coastal Championship races are all Category 3 events and the best 3 results count.