Summer Racing Calendar

   2019/20 Championship Series
  Melbourne - Stanley 02-Nov-19    *  
 New West Offshore Coastal Sprint Series, Western Port & Return 23-Nov-19     *    *
  Latitude (Beyond the Bay) 23-Nov-19    
  ORCV Cock of the Bay 26-Dec-19    
  Melbourne to Devonport 27-Dec-19    *  
  Melbourne - Hobart 27-Dec-19    *  
 New West Offshore Coastal Sprint Series Race 2 15-Feb-20     *    *
  Melbourne to King Island 07-Mar-20    *  
 New West Offshore Coastal Sprint Series Race 3 10-Apr-20     *    *
  Double Handed (Bay) 26-Apr-20    
  Melbourne - Apollo Bay (Cat 3) 16-May-20    *    *
  Winter Series Race 1 20-Jun-20    
  Winter Series Race 2, Melbourne to Blairgowrie 04-Jun-20    
  Women Skippers Navigator Blairgowrie to Melbourne 05-Jun-20    
  Winter Series Race 3 01-Aug-20    
  Winter Series Race 4 Melbourne to Geelong 29-Aug-20    
  Novice Race Geelong to Melbourne 30-Aug-20    
 New Coastal Sprint Series Race 1 - Western Port & Return 12-Sept-20    
  Melbourne - Stanley 31-Oct-20    
 New Coastal Sprint Series Race 2 21_Nov_20    

* Details of the Offshore Championship and the Coastal Championship, including the Double Handed Championships, are given in the respective Notices of Race. For the Offshore Championship, results from the best 4 races count but at least two must be from Category 2 events. The Coastal Championship races are all Category 3 events and the best 3 results count.

New ORCV Coastal Sprint Races is a new initiative in the ORCV Sailing for 2019/20 season.  These races have been designed to provide crew development and a pathway for longer ocean races. Each ORCV Coastal Sprint race aims to have skippers and crew home Saturday evening.   More information can be found at




2020 King Island Early Bird Closes 19th Feb The 48th ORCV Melbourne to King Island Yacht Race is just over 3 weeks away on the Victorian March long weekend. 114nm and you will arrive in Grassy where our wonderful hosts from the King Island Boat Club serve up a feast of local products. Everyone can stay as the Grassy Harbour is deep with good mooring and tender services. Come try the great hospitality.  Early Bird Entry rate closes this weekend 19th February.  Do you have your entry in yet?   Learn more or enter the race here                             

The magic that happens – the race fairies you never really see

The magic that happens – the race fairies you never really see I love the King Island race, having done it many times on my own and on friends boats.  Gee it’s a lot of work to get the boat to a start line isn’t it ?  Provisioning, fuel, safety gear, audits, repairs, compliance paperwork, crew details.  How good is it to start a race and better still to finish one.  Arriving at King Island you pick up a mooring, get picked up by the inflatable, head to the bar for a drink, grab a steak then stand around the fire chatting till all hours and listen to the band.  [ ... ]

King Island - fantastic destination for a yacht race is now open to yachts without HF marine radio.  Top things to do when visiting King Island

King Island - fantastic destination for an ocean yacht race is now open to yachts without HF marine radio.  Top things to do when visiting King Island. ONLINE ENTRY The ORCV is always keen to explore the latest technologies and has been a long campaigner for reducing barriers to ocean racing and sailing.  For the 2018 Melbourne to King Island Category 2 ocean race, the ORCV have again received approval from Australian Sailing for yachts to use satellite phone and VHF with DSC in lieu of HF marine radio.  Cost savings will be several thousand dollars for any yachts new to saili [ ... ]